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Wine tasting events in Kefalonia

The incredible backdrop of the Kefalonia sunset provides a sensory indulgent accompaniment to our wine tasting events.
Revel in the excellence of up and coming Kefalonia wines;
their fragrant aromas, subtlety of flavours and richness of colours.

Kefalonia wineries

The creation of a fine wine is attributable to a plethora or symphony of factors;
the grapes, soil, weather conditions and culture and traditions of its producers.
Like many other great vineyard destinations, Kefalonia wineries are gaining
an international reputation as a destination for wine tasting events.

Astra's expertly sourced wine cellar includes some of the foremost wines from Kefalonia wineries
in addition to some of the world’s most celebrated wines and champagnes.

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Address: Hotel Suites & Spa - Svoronata Ammes - Kefalonia, Greece
T (+30) 26710 42335-6 - F (+30) 26710 42337 | Email:

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